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Private Fee Guide

New patient Examination


Routine Examinations


Small radiographs


Simple Hygienist visit


Periodontal treatment with Hygienist


Scale and Polish with Dentist


Composite fillings (white fillings)

From £140.00 to £250

Amalgam fillings

From £95.00 to £150

Root canal treatment front tooth

From £350

Root canal treatment premolars

From £450

Root canal treatment molars

Root canal treatment with microscope

From £550

From £650

Crown Porcelain Bonded

From £610

Crown full ceramic (Emax or Zicornia)

From £640

Porcelain bonded bridge

From £560 per unit

Bridge full ceramic
(Emax or Zicornia)

From £600 per unit


From £600

Full upper and lower acrylic dentures

From £620 to £1240

Partial upper and lower acrylic denture

From £560 to £800

Upper and lower flexible and semi flexible dentures

From £750 to £1600

Upper and lower Chrome Dentures

From £630 to £1300

Simple extraction

From £150

Complex extraction

From £250

Mouthguards (sports)

From £120   

Please Note: The above prices are subject to change depending on material or laboratory used.

Deposit payments will be taken in advance for all appointments.

If patients do not attend appointments a Failed To Attend fee of £50 per 30 minutes will be added and will result in a loss of deposit.

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