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NHS charges April 2024

Band 1

Treatments including examination, assessment and diagnoses, advice, radiographic, preventative care such as fluoride varnish, scale and polish and oral health advice. £26.80

Band 2

reatments including all of those listed in Band 1 and additional treatments such as periodontal treatment, extractions, sealant restorations, root canal treatment or fillings. £73.50

Band 3

Treatments including all of those listed in Band 1 and 2 and also crowns, veneers, appliances, dentures or bridges. £319.10

Band 4

Urgent treatments where a patient is in pain, has infection, oral bleeding or has damaged teeth or gums. £26.80

For detailed information on patient charges, available services and exemptions please see posters in surgery or speak to a member of staff. Other plans are available please ask at reception for further information.

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