Brighton Villa Dental Care Fee Guide 2019


New patient examination


Dental x-rays


Routine examination




Hygienist services


From £68.00


Amalgam Fillings


From £70.00

White composite Fillings


From £85.00

Root Canal Treatment


From £350.00



From £579.00



From £567.00



From £475.00



From £120.00


Denplan Care Monthly Fee Rates 

Denplan full care

A £15.93                   B £22.95             C £31.84                D £41.95                


Denplan full care does not cover cosmetic treatments ,pharmaceutical items, prescription fees or laboratory fees reasonably charged by your dentist of which must be paid by you, directly to your dentist.

Denplan Essentials

£9.85                   B £15.99              C £19.66         D £23.57

NHS charges April 2020

Band 1   Treatments including examination, assessment and diagnoses, advice, radiographic, preventative care such as fluoride varnish, scale and polish and oral health advice.  £23.80

   Band 2 Treatments including all of those listed in Band 1 and additional treatments such as periodontal t                                          treatment, extractions, sealant restorations, root canal treatment or fillings. £65.20

   Band 3 Treatments including all of those listed in Band 1 and 2 and also crowns, veneers, appliances,                                               dentures or bridges. £282.80

   Band 4 Urgent treatments where a patient is in pain, has infection, oral bleeding or has damaged teeth or                                       gums. £23.80


For detailed information on patient charges, available services and exemptions please see posters in surgery or speak to a member of staff. Other plans are available please ask at reception for further information.