Update 19/7/2021

To all our lovely patients,

Even though the restrictions are easing from today, we would like to make you all aware Dentistry is considered a healthcare service, this means there is no change for us and we will need to continue with all of our current Covid 19 procedures and protocols to ensure our patients and team are safe.

We are asking all our patients to continue wearing face coverings when visiting us (unless they have valid exemption) and we continue to follow social distancing rules therefore we still have our closed door policy in place.

The Brighton Villa team are working extremely hard at present. We are still not working at full capacity due to the current restrictions within dentistry, and there is a longer than normal wait for appointments. We thank you all for patience.

Best Wishes

Brighton Villa Dental Care

Brighton Villa Dental Care would like to reassure our patients that attendance of dental appointments is permitted under current guidance. This includes not only emergency appointments, but check-ups, treatment and hygiene appointments.

Dentistry is an essential healthcare service, so we are operating the same service and continuing our high standards of cross infection and patient care.

We understand some patients may wish to defer their appointments, if so please contact us.

When visiting us please be reassured here at Brighton villa dental care, Infection control has always been one of the top priorities for our practice. We have had to put in place new procedures to keep our staff and patients safer than ever. We will do this by leaving suitable time between appointments to minimise the risk of contact with others attending the practice.

You will also see some changes when it is time for your next appointment which we have put into place to help protect our patients and staff.  You will also notice that we will be wearing additional Personal Protective Equipment.

We are still following a closed door policy and our waiting room is operational but are only allowing 3 patients in the room at one time. Our reception desk is screened and markings of social distancing placed on the flooring. There will be the no offer of magazines, children’s toys and so forth, since those items are difficult to clean and disinfect.

 We are happy to answer any questions you may have about the steps we take to keep you, and every patient, safe in our practice.

Thank you for being our patient. We value your trust and loyalty.​

Our Patient Journey

Before your appointment.

Patents will be contacted by email or text (please check email if not received text) a day or two before their appointment with a reminder of the date and time. Within this reminder there will be a link to complete forms before all patients attend.

We please ask our patients that these forms are to be completed before they attend. These forms are designed to minimise the time spent within the practice to avoid interaction with other patients.


​Covid 19 pre-screening

This form is to insure that all our patients are well and free from COVID symptoms before attending their appointments.

NHS Practice record form (NHS patients only)

This form needs to be signed at the start of all new courses of NHS treatment e.g. Examinations and emergency appointments.

Medical History

Medical history's need to be updated every time patients attend the practice.

Patient details

This form is to confirm all patients’ details we have on record are correct and if patients wish they can input additional information. We do encourage our patients to provide us with the correct contact details including email addresses to ensure good communication. Please be reassured you will not receive emails advertising any of our services without your consent.

Contact consent

This form is to ask for our patients consent to receiving emails or a text message about offers that we feel would benefit.

In order to minimise unnecessary contact. We may ask our patients, if possible that they go to the lavatory and brush their teeth before attending the practice.

Please can all our patients ensure to arrive for their appointments on time.

When you arrive for your appointment

​The doors to the practice will be locked. So all patients will be advised to knock on the door or call the practice (number provided when booked and also displayed on front door of practice) to let us know you have arrived. In the winter months we ask that our patients either stay in your car or if walking to the practice please social distance yourself from the practice door. Please can all patients attend appointments alone, unless you are in need of support due vulnerability or bringing a child.

Your appointment

We please ask our patients not to bring to many belongings with you to the practice only essentials.

Before patients enter the practice, they will be greeted by one of our receptionist (social distancing in place). All patients must be pre-screened for COVID symptoms before entering the practice. If patients have completed their COVID 19 pre-assessment form through their email link, they will be invited straight into the waiting room. If the form has not been completed the receptionist will ask a series of COVID screening questions before entry.

Once the forms are completed and we are satisfied with the results, patients are invited into the waiting area and asked to sanitise their hands and their temperature is taken .Taking your temperature is to ensure you do not have a fever. Unfortunately if your temperature is above 37.5 degrees centigrade or if you have signs of COVID 19 we will have to rearrange your appointment for the safety of our team.

We may ask our patients for payment prior to their appointments. When patients have finished in the surgery they may not be able to enter the waiting room/reception area due to restrictions of social distancing. This will also include booking of any further appointments. In this case we would arrange that our receptionists will contact that same day to book.

In the surgery

You will be escorted to the surgery by a nurse. Once you enter the surgery you will be asked to leave all belongings in a designated clear lidded box.

The dentist and the nurse will be wearing extra personal protective equipment as they cannot adhere to recommended social distancing. This is to protect both patients and themselves.

Patients will be asked to take a seat onto the dental chair and to remove their mask. 

Exiting the surgery

Patients must remember to collect personal belongings from the lidded box before leaving the surgery and to replace their face mask.

Patients may notice some changes in the reception/waiting area and the surgeries.

  • Dentists and nurses will be wearing additional personal protective equipment.

  • There are social distancing markers on the floors and throughout the practice.

  • Our receptionists will be behind a clear screen, this is for the safety of both our patients and the receptionist staff.

  • There will be only three patients in the waiting room at one time.

This Journey may change due to circumstances and will be updated accordingly.