It has been a great first week opening, to be able to see and help all our patients that have needed emergency care. 


A big thank to all our Brighton Villa team, who have worked hard in preparation of re-opening the practice and also working hard following the new processes and protocols that have needed to be placed to ensure the safety of our patients as well as themselves. 


Once again thank you to all our patients for their patience and understanding at this time. It is a very busy time for us at present and we still need to prioritise those patients which need emergency dental care. We will keep you all update as to when routine care can be provided.

To all the patients who are are wondering when they can have a hygiene visits please see below a message for lovely Natalie our Hygienist.


Dear Patients,


As you are probably aware, the government has given the go ahead for Dental Practices to reopen. As we have heard from the media and keep hearing the term ‘unprecedented’, I think we should now call it ‘different’.


Yes, things are going to be different in the practice for now. Not least my hygienist treatment. COVID 19 guidelines have stated that it is possible for the virus to be spread via aerosols, typically in the Dental setting through ultrasonic scalers that we use for cleaning your teeth. Furthermore, there is currently conflicting advice between Dental governing bodies on the use of slow polishing handpieces. We know that this equipment may result in “splatter” with the potential spread of COVID 19, and with this uncertainty, and the importance of keeping patients and staff safe, we have decided to avoid any polishing procedures until we receive more clarity on this matter.


Until more robust research evidence emerges on the safety and most appropriate protocols, periodontal care can continue but with hand scalers only. It is recognised that hand scaling will generally take longer to achieve similar results as when using a powered scaler, therefore it is suggested that longer appointments will be necessary to work in this way until the alert level is lowered and the use of aerosol producing equipment is accepted as safe. As a result, it may be a little time before I will be able to see you and when I do, I will be hand scaling your teeth. This however is by no means a lesser treatment.


Whilst I have been on lockdown, I have completed numerous online courses dealing with treatment for patients; after COVID 19 decided to change our lives. They have been presented by very eminent and highly qualified speakers in their fields. They all say that this is the perfect opportunity to really tailor all our Oral Hygiene advice to you personally. One of the courses was by a Dentist that specializes in treating patients with severe gum conditions. He was very inspirational in what he said and he showed slides of a patient with serious gum problems before and after his advice. It was amazing how much improvement there was with the patient following his advice, and there being no scaling or polishing in that time, just thorough Oral Hygiene instruction and continuance of home care. 


Unfortunately, we are unsure how long it will be until we can return to ‘normal’ but in the meantime, during your appointments, I will be focusing on monitoring and recording your gum condition, hand scaling and delivering the best Oral hygiene advice I can.


Hopefully it won’t be too long now before I am back in clinic listening to your stories of how you have spent the past 3 months of lockdown!


Thank you for your time and I look forward to seeing you,




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